Sunday, November 6, 2011

Burger King Pizza Size Burger

McDonalds has the Big Mac and MegaMac, Wendy's offers double and triple "hot & juicy" burgers, and Burger King topped 'em all with its seven-patty meat monstrosity, the Windows 7 Whopper. Since the sky's the limit as far as stacking burgers goes, what's a burger chain to do?

Wide is what you get with Burger King Japan's 8.8 inch (22cm) diameter Pizza-Size Burger. Note that only the buns are extra-wide, in between are four regular Whopper-sized beef patties arranged in a four-leaf-clover pattern. The fillings and toppings are also normally sized but at least they're provided in abundance.

Fresh Avocado

You can order the Pizza-Size Burger in two different styles, though both styles are served in an odd half & half format with one half featuring the everyday Whopper's toppings: tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup and so on. Slices of fresh avocado are added to the Fresh Avocado version and tortilla chips, cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers occupy half of the Cheese Nacho version. Cut it up as you would a pie and dig in.

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