Friday, November 25, 2011

Most Expensive Pets In The World

We all love our pets, don't we? But some people are ready to pay millions for animals from a million dollar cow to DNA cloned dog. Top ten list of the most expensive pets in the world. Read ahead to find out.

1. Green Monkey – $16,000,000


Green monkey was considered to be the most expensive horse in the world. Its initial price was $16,000,000. The Green Monkey (in the picture) was purchased as a 2-year-old race horse at Calder Race Course by Demi O’Byrne. A descendant of two Kentucky Derby winners, the winner of the auction had high hopes for the young horse, but the Green Monkey flopped never won a race. The Green Monkey was officially retired on February 12, 2008 after failing to break his maiden in his three career starts.

A portion of his ownership was acquired by the same pin-hook sellers, Randy Hartley and Dean De Renzo, who originally acquired and sold him at auction in the 2006 Fasig-Tipton Calder sale. Hartley/De Renzo bought back into the horse and will partner with John Magnier.

2. Missy – $1,200,000


Missy is a three year old black and white Holsten Cow. She currently holds the record for the most expensive cow ever sold in the market. Winning the title for Grand Champion of the 2009 Western Fall National Show and being one of the best show cows in North America made her a target for buyers. Missy sold for $1.2 million in Ontario, Canada on November 11th, 2009.

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