Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Colorful Digital Imaging & Graphic Designing

Denny Budi Susetyo is a graphic digital artist based in Malang East Java, Indonesia. His current job is working as freelance graphic designer or e-zine designer. Mostly his influences are the beautiful woman, fresh and colorful object. Denny Budi Susetyo love  experimenting on graphic, watch and learn from another graphic artist. Denny Budi Susetyo also love's doing collaborations with other talented people to improve his skills. 

Here is a colorful showcase of digital imaging and graphic designing by Denny Budi Susetyo for your inspiration.

Please be remind. Viewer discretion is advised.
Some images might Not Suitable or Safe For Work (NSFW), Not Work-Suitable or Safe (NWS), Not School-Suitable (NSS)

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