Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Charice Pempengco to Mo Twister "I hope you have a good lawyer"

Charice Pempengco tweeted to DJ Mo Twister-  I hope you have a good lawyer! International singing sensation Charice Pempengco fought back to DJ Mo twister by directly sending messages to Mo Twister through Twitter after the latter made a prank tweet   #CharicePempengcoSexTape hashtag on Twitter which became a Number 1 trending topic in micro-blogging site, Twitter on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, DJ Mo Twister,  together with Mia Bayuga, and Tin Gamboa suspended over Charice Pempengco sex tape prank.

Christopher Lao tweeted: Christopher Lao ‏ @iamchrislao
People should stop bullying Charice Pempengco...especially since she's given our country pride and recognition.
Here's the Official Statement from Magic 89.9:

Meanwhile DJ Mo tweeted apology to Charice:

I want to take the opportunity to apologize to Charice for a stupid & cruel joke on our show today. We attempted to be funny at her expense and, in the process, hurt her feelings. It’s with deep regret that we have come to learn that. On behalf of @suzy899 and @mia899 we apologize Charice for our stupid behavior and immature attempt to generate laughs. You have worked so very hard, not just for yourself and your family, but to put our country in a positive light, to promote immense Filipino talent, and you have done that successfully. We are proud of you and we are embarrassed because we failed to support that. I wish I could make it up to you and rest assured. that we will exhaust every avenue to do so. We are sorry. You’ve been nothing but supportive of our show in the past. We failed to show failed to show our appreciation today. @OfficialCharice.

For those we tried to entertain today with our dumb attempt at being funny, I ask you no longer contribute to that made up hashtag.It holds no truth to it. @suzy899, @Mia899 and I would like to apologize publicly tomorrow on our radio show to Charice and her fans.
text credit of Mo twister apology: everythinginbudget,blogspot.

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