Monday, May 7, 2012

Jacob Gayanelo- Kanta Pilipinas Hearththrob

Meet Jacob Gayanelo is Kanta Pilipinas Hearththrob who auditioned from Batangas. Kanta Pilipinas co-host Jhai spotted a hottie (Jacob) and of course took the opportunity to capture it.

Open to all Filipinos, 14-30 years old, Kanta Pilipinas will scour the whole country in a nationwide search. Applicants can be a solo, duo, or group act of any genre.

image credit:KPFP

Soon to be aired on TV5, Kanta Pilipinas will be TV5's biggest reality singing search that will call for the entire nation to sing. It's not a mere singing contest as it will delve deeper into the lives of each contestant. Kanta Pilipinas will transform the lives of these ordinary individuals to be the star that the entire Philippines will admire. The program includes a Cinderella-makeover segment that will further boost each contestants appeal and that will catapult them to singing sensation status.

Watch Jacob Gayanelo's audition in Batangas.

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