Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Demolished Building In China

While the story behind the demolition of this apartment is quiet interesting, I was more interested in knowing how the hell they manage to get two excavators up there? I believe there might be three possibilities. 1 - They use crane to lift the excavator up. 2 - They dismantle the excavators into pieces and assemble it back. 3 - They actually store the excavators from the beginning. Chinese is great. Hohoohooohoho...

Excavators dismantle Chinese highrise from the top down. This 18-story residential tower in Taizhou, Zheijiang Province. The building was completed in January and was hailed as a luxury development with a 'perfect' ocean view. But months later it was found to be leaning.

Experts have suggested the ground beneath the highrise sank because the reclaimed land it was built on is unable to support such large buildings. Hu Zhizhong, an architectural researcher at Taizhou University, said reclaimed land commonly 'settles unevenly', but the sinking in this building was so severe that it could be that the land is simply unsuitable.

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