Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ivan Andreevich's Incredible Sunrise & Sunset Photography Part II

Ivan Andreevich is a photographer who started this seriously since 2009 and has a thing for mountain landscapes and sunsets over water. Born in Russia, and now living in British Columbia, Ivan Andreevich has devoted his photographic skills to creating amazingly detailed and beautiful landscape portraits. He is well known for its stunning landscapes

That doesn't sound like much but if you see his photographs you'll understand that he really enjoys taking these types of photos and is really good at it. The contrast in some of these pictures is amazing and makes you a little envious that you weren't there when he took those photos so you could experience such great landscapes.

Let's see some beautiful photos. Also, most if not all of these collection is good for desktop wallpaper. Sometimes reality is better than imagination. This part 2 of 2 part of sunset and sunrise, or maybe some of you call it dawn and dusk, of these stunning photography.

In Malay custom, we are not supposed to play outdoors during Maghrib, during sunset. Around this time, we believed that this is the time when there are the most ghosts wandering around. So, enjoy the stunning images here... 

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