Monday, May 7, 2012

Zari Bilon performs 'You & I' in Kanta Pilipinas-Video

Watch Zari Bilon performs 'You & I' in Kanta Pilipinas-Video.

Listen, watch and share this amazing video and hope that we can create a new YouTube sensation!!! Let us support our Pinoy musicians!

Soon to be aired on TV5, Kanta Pilipinas will be TV5's biggest reality singing search that will call for the entire nation to sing. It's not a mere singing contest as it will delve deeper into the lives of each contestant. Kanta Pilipinas will transform the lives of these ordinary individuals to be the star that the entire Philippines will admire. The program includes a Cinderella-makeover segment that will further boost each contestants appeal and that will catapult them to singing sensation status.

The outstanding and amazing Kanta Pilipinas audition of singer and pianist !!! Discovered at SM City North Edsa! Presently being dubbed the Alicia Keys of the Philippines her unique rendition of Lady Gaga's "You and I" floored everyone that the whole mall was a standstill! Considering that SM North Edsa was flooded with people on a Saturday pay day, the mall fell silent as she played the piano and begun her audition. The dynamics and simple nuances she did made the song sound as if it was her original composition.

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