Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Honda Vario CBS 2012

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Honda’s first scooter matic, Vario now come in three choices, if you had only two variants namely Vario CW and Vario CBS Techno. Now one more variant is present, is the Vario Techno without Combi Brake System (CBS), which appeared in the middle level between Vario and Vario Techno CBS CW. In order to increase sales and provide more choice to the bikers, Honda Vario Techno present without Combi Brake. With a price tag of USD 14.8 million, potential
consumers who want to design stutik CBS Vario Vario Techno Techno can choose without CBS as a more affordable. There are four colors offered by the Orion Black, Galactic Blue, Mars Red, Cosmic White.
The presence of these CBS vario techno without necessarily affect the Vario CW, which is Honda’s first matic. If first distinguishes between Vario and Vario Techno CBS CW is a Combi Brake System brake application, is now present without Combi Brake Vario Techno. Vario CW So what will happen? Answering the question, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to make changes in striping Vario CW, with a choice of four colors of black velvet, red glam, posh white, pink and slink. Vario Techno without CBS’s presence also affects the price of Vario CW. If the previous one unit price charged Vario CW 14.9 million decreased to 14.3 million on the road. Meanwhile, Honda Vario Techno CBS has not reduced prices, still dibanderol worth USD 15.79 million (on the road DKI Jakarta). Changes at CBS Techno Honda Vario was only on the new striping with advanced futuristic concept.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

profil Motor Terbaru 2012

Motor Terbaru 2012
Motor Suzuki 2011
Foto-foto motor terbaru 2011 pencarian dari website Informasi, informasi tentang foto foto motor 2011 dari situs Blog Informasi 2011 News Terbaru Berita Harian Indonesia Seputar Kesehatan, Lowongan Kerja, Hot News, Berita Hari Ini.
Motor Honda Terbaru 2011
Motor Honda Terbaru 2011 – Berita informasi teknologi automotive 2011 tentang review motor honda terbaru 2011 lengkap dengan gambar foto wallpaper dan video test drive serta spesifikasi motor-motor honda keluaran 2011. Simak selanjutnya motor terbaru 2011 dibawah ini :
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Gimana motor terbaru 2011 gan? Keren banget kan..!! :D
Untuk sementara segitu dulu review “Motor Honda Terbaru 2011 Honda CBR 600RR”. Semoga motor terbaru 2011 ini dapat bermanfaat bagi anda penggila motor-motor terbaru.