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Small Rooms Decoration with Google Accesories | Home Design Ideas

last night I plan to paint the walls of my room, but I also think to rearrange my room. then I made the designs for the rooms are not too wide for me.

in the concept of interior design in this room brings minimalist home design with brown theme with white domination. I made a bookshelf and a desk tv. do not forget to give me the audio device because I like listening to music and watching movies.

two pairs for my lamps create a romantic impression. because I like to add my google paper ornaments made of cardboard furniture, which reads Google :)

Thanks for visiting, see you next project :)

Simple Book Case | Interior Furniture

This bookcase can be in the set into two forms, namely vertical and horizontal. that will enhance your child’s bedroom. This bookcase can also beautify your home interior if placed appropriately.
architecture, Gardening, Office Room, home designs and interior

See you on the next project I hope you like it. Thank you for visiting the blog home interior and furniture design my ideas. please leave your comment.


Colors Boys Room

Interiør i New York?

Bilder fra tavla på kjøkkenet og Nicholas og meg i NY 2006

God kveld!
Her er det USA feber så det holder. Om bare få dager reiser mannen og jeg til NY og Washington DC. Egentlig skulle vi reise i desember da jeg fyller 30, men pga forskjellige ting reiser vi nå istedenfor. Har vært i NY to ganger tidligere (2004 og 2006). Og det skal sies at jeg ikke var like interessert i interiør den gangen som jeg er nå. Har du forslag til interiørbutikker, markeder osv så blir jeg veldig glad hvis du legger igjen en kommentar under her:)

Ønsker deg som titter innom en herlig kveld!
Jeg nynner videre på Frank Sinatra og Alicia Keys....

Klem fra

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Shabby Apple Giveaway!

** Update: Lisa Mende, you are the Winner! Congrats **
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Color Psychology in Interior Design by Guest Blogger Michaela Noelle

While I am in LA attending the Design Bloggers Conference, Michaela of Michaela Noelle Designs will be filling in for me. As you will see from her blog, Michaela is a darling young design student with a great eye for design and fabulous sense of style. She is currently living her dream of becoming a designer. Love it. And I love the advice her grandmother gave her, 
dream big quoteDream big. Don't stop at dreaming though; make those dreams come true by working hard with determination and integrity.  Learn all you can so you can be great at what you do. But most of all, do what you love and do it with passion.”

Michaela, thanks again for guest blogging. Keep on dreaming - Your future is bright! ~ Cristin

Hi all! I'm Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be here at Simplified Bee today!  I'm an interior design major at Seattle Pacific University and I am totally, head-over-heels, in love with all things design.  Originally from California, I'm still trying to adapt to the rain {and all those looks I get when I pull out my Coach umbrella}.  I have a special love for the home and what it means to a person and a family.  My passion in life is to serve others, and my joy comes from doing so through interior design.

While school is definitely challenging and time consuming, I feel lucky that I'm learning to do something I'm passionate about.  Sometimes, I can't believe I'm drawing a furniture plan for homework!  I used to draw floor plans on my kids' menus when we'd go out to eat when I was younger.  You know... where most kids would play tic-tac-toe or draw their pet, I would be sketching my dream house.  My mom even made sure to tell me not to draw any floor plans at dinner before I left for my first date!  I guess she was right. That could have been awkward. (:

Today, I'm going to share some insight on one of my favorite topics: color psychology.  Color is such a huge part of our lives! Your mood can directly affect your actions; the color shirt you choose to wear in the morning, the can of paint you decide to redo your family room in, and what color you pick out for your latest manicure.  It also works the opposite way, as colors have the ability to make you feel a certain way. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

The color wheel:
color wheel for interior design

The hues on the left side of the color wheel are all considered "cool colors" which will make walls recede, or make a room appear bigger, while the right side of the wheel is deemed the "warm colors" which, in turn, make walls or a room advance.

The Joyful Energizer: Yellow
Yellow is refreshing.  It adds life to any room, rejuvenating the soul.  The pure and bright characteristics of the hue offer energy and happiness.  Last year, we discovered that painting a nursery a bright tone of yellow may cause the baby to be too awake and energetic, therefore causing more crying.  Silly, but it could be true!  Yellow is the brightest color on the color wheel, so your eye will be immediately drawn to something yellow, even if it's surrounded by multiple other colors. 

The Bold Show Stopper: Red
red color psychology interior design{1. & 2. Sarah Richardson}
Did you know it's actually proven that when a person walks into a room of red, their heart rate will automatically increase? It gets your blood pumping.  Red is the absolute most appetizing color.  So serving food on red plates or eating in a room with red walls or accents will actually make someone more hungry {and perhaps enjoy your cooking even more!}  Sarah Richardson nailed this dining area with punches of red, warming up the space, while the accents of blue anchor the room.  Because red is such a bold color, white or neutral walls with red accents is a great way to introduce the color.  It's a show stopper. (:

The Haven: Purple
Purple might be is most definitely my favorite color on the color wheel.  Sitting directly opposite of yellow, purple is the perfect color for peacefulness.  Since it's character foil is yellow, which personifies energy and makes you want to go-go-go, peace and serenity is only fitting for the personality of purple.  It exudes confidence, creativity, and passion.  It is also the color of royalty, and who doesn't love feeling like a princess?

The Tranquil Get-Away: Blue
Reminding us of the sea, sky, and rushing rivers, blue will soothe our souls.  Because it is a "cool color", it makes walls recede, creating the allusion of a bigger space.  The first picture shows how just a subtle sky blue paint can warm up the space, giving depth to the room.  The second picture is the perfect example of how to add drama to a space with wonderful architectural features, like the molding.  This dark blue adds a dash of formality to a casual family room. Want to know a secret? Blue is the most unappetizing color.  In fact, if you ever go to a salad bar or buffet table, a lot of the time the restaurant will strategically give you blue plates. You'll automatically take less food, because you're not as hungry just by looking at the plate! Crafty folks, eh?

Green is the color of nature.  It brings the outdoors in, which is always nice, isn't it?  Green is said to bring new life and a sense of freshness to a space.  Being on the cool side of the color wheel, it is also a tranquil color.  In other avenues of life, we attribute green with money, health, and jealousy.  In the home though, it often tends to have a calming effect, much like purple and blue.  Did you know guests on TV shows wait in "green rooms" intentionally, so they can de-stress before their appearances? I love how designer Tobi Fairley is bold in her color choice, but not in the expected fashion of the walls.  This is a great example of how to make a statement with pieces in the room, not necessarily your wall color. It's a wonderful choice for renters who don't have the option of painting!

The Understated Grace: Neutrals
Just because you chose neutral paint, furniture and accessories doesn't mean you have no personality!  You have quite a distinct one, actually.  Neutral colors are said to be relaxing, soft, plush, pleasant, graceful, and have a sense of understated elegance.  White couches and rugs also say "I'm bold, daring, and luxurious enough to own something white."  I happen to be very drawn to neutral spaces, with perhaps a touch of color in the rug, pillows, or flowers.  One tip- when trying to achieve this look, be sure to include more texture in your space.  Texture is what makes neutral rooms shine, as seen in the beautiful fireplace above!

For today's sake, we are calling black a color (even though it is technically the absence of color, but obviously that's no fun!).  "Every room needs a touch of black"...I remember hearing this on HGTV once, and I really like the saying. Black anchors a room, and it's another bold choice when used on walls and in cabinetry, as seen above.  It's the color of mystery and sophistication.  Black is commonly seen paired with a contrasting color. Putting any color against black will consequently make the other color appear brighter.  In both photos above, you can see how even though there is black in the spaces, they are still ever so lovely and glamorous when paired with textures, complimenting patterns and lighter colors to balance the black.

Thank you so much, Cristin, for having me share some insight from my classes in design school.  You're the sweetest and I can't wait to meet you in person someday! 

And readers, it's been fun! I hope this post has brightened your knowledge on color as much as it brightened my day to bring it to you. (:

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El hotel Met de Tesalonica, Grecia, se distingue por sus lineas modernas de vanguardia.
Sus espacios interiores bien estudiados y disenados con gusto contemporanea contribuyen a crear un clima de amplitud y espacialidad unicos.

Con toda la tecnologia al servicio del diseno interior y  su mobiliario adaptado a los nuevos tiempos pero sin perder la funcionalidad de siempre, se logran potenciar estos espacios para el disfrute y el placer.


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El arquitecto espanol Campo Baeza se luce en la Casa Olnick Spanu.
Su gusto y buen manejo por los espacios limitados por planos y transparencias llegan a la expresion mas acabada en esta vivienda.

Las trasparencias de los espacios publicos integran la vivienda de manera unica al paisaje y la espacialidad esta garantizada por el juego de areas delimitadas por planos verticales blancos y los horizontales que acompanan al paisaje.

Una base solida de hormigon constituye la planta baja y es la planta alta la mas desmaterializada.


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It is all about craftsmanship


One of our clients contacted us with a rather unusual question. A few years ago he had bought a beautiful 19th century gothic styled architectural element for its beauty and the craftsmanship this piece radiated.

So this client asked my company LEFEVRE INTERIORS not only to restore this damaged wooden element but even to design a bookcase in which this element could be integrated! Not that simple!

First of all we had to restore the damaged woodcarving of the existing element and second we had to find the suitable gothic design details in order to start the design of the bookcase. I browsed into all the books I could possibly find about gothic ornaments and here is what we made of it.

Finally our client was most pleased with the result!



This is the bookcase brought in at our client’s home.

(picture by me)


2It all started with this existing gothic element we used as the upper part of the bookcase.

(picture by me)

3 This is the new gothic paneling of the lower part of the bookcase.

(picture by me)

4 I can’t find a before picture of the existing element anymore, but you should notice that the wood was mostly uncolored. Our client wanted to have a ‘tobacco’ finish of the wood.

The bookcase now is ready to be filled with books!

(picture by me)

I do love working with antique elements and thinking about a way to integrate them in an interior design project.

As this French walnut 18th century double door I bought in France some years ago. I couldn’t resist its beauty!

7 The door is awaiting its final destination into a client’s home, or maybe brought in at my own home one day!

Can you imagine this door used in a design project as in these French styled paneled rooms :

(picture by me)

9image source : The Neo Lifestyle

13image source :

11image source : Gypsy Purple

12source : unknown

10source : unknown



Isn’t the detailling of the hand woodcarving stunning?

image source : Lefèvre Interiors

8 One of our craftsmen at work.

image source : Lefèvre Interiors



Whether you like these shown antique elements or not, it is all about the craftmanship, don’t you agree?!




 To the anonymous winner of my Beta-Plus book give away : please send me your name and address!!! If  I have not received it by Friday, March,4th, I will choose another winner.

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