Friday, November 25, 2011

Flying 101 Lesson By Kulula Airlines

Kulula (South Africa's favourite low fare airline), have recently released this fantastic new aircraft livery entitled Flying 101. Kulula are well known for their fun marketing exploits and this one lives up to their high standards. Each part of the aircraft is labelled with humorous captions.

Flying 101 has flown around the world several time thanks to the power of email and internet. This plane was designed in-house by our graphic design team as part of our bigger strategy to demystify air travel and explain some of the unknowns around air travel and flying. Look out for some of the quirky likes like 'The big cheese' pointing to the Captain and 'The black box – that's actually orange'.

I have to say that I really like Fukula Plane livery. Not only it come in super cool bright green colour, it also encourage people to know term aeronautical engineering. Thumbs up!



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